5 Things to Keep in Mind When Navigating the World of Data Privacy

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For a look inside the episode, check out Dr. Cate’s top 5 takeaways on the importance and power of data and data privacy.


  1. PRIVACY SHOULD BE AT THE CORE OF YOUR BUSINESS: We need to acknowledge this concept. Not just because privacy is a human right or because it provides a sense of individualism and autonomy but also for the health of your business. If people don’t feel their privacy is protected, they will “vote with their feet”, shop elsewhere, and patronize businesses and brands that make them feel secure.
  2. PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT – BUT – DON’T LET IT HINDER INNOVATION: Data is at the heart of almost every innovation we enjoy today. It’s the key to national security, healthcare, and many other things. We must be certain when dealing with privacy that we are not blocking the flow of data because it is so critical to growth and development.
  3. REMEMBER – AS AN INDIVIDIAL – YOU DO HAVE POWER: When it comes to data privacy – people tend to feel a bit hopeless about what they can and can’t control. But it’s important to remember that you can do small things to regain some authority. You can set limits to what information you’re comfortable sharing, shop with brands you trust, and make minor changes to the tech you use. For example, putting a privacy screen over your computer’s camera. Don’t let it control your life, but you aren’t as helpless as you might feel.
  4. ORGANIZATIONS NEED TO TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY & ACT RESPONSIBLY: Organizations need to do the right thing by people and their data. They should not be waiting for laws to tell them what to do. They should do the right thing because… it’s right. And there’s a lot that can be done. Creating a data review board, allocating budget to hire a Chief Privacy Officer, assessing how your values might dictate data use, or partnering with privacy compliance organizations are all great options for ensuring you’re taking responsibility. Ultimately, I always go back to the “common sense law” – if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s probably going to make at least some of your customers uncomfortable as well, so consider before you act.
  5. FOCUS ON PROGRESS, NO MATTER HOW “SMALL”: Try not to let the enormity of the privacy world overwhelmed you to the point of inaction. We may not have perfect answers or universal solutions but that’s no reason for company, government or individual inaction. Government especially can make impactful changes for the public through a variety of initiatives. For example, a free credit report freeze is extremely valuable to the public and it’s very low cost. It’s steps like this, built on data, that make things better for everyone – so keep pushing forward.


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