Ad Age: 12 Ad Leaders Planning for the Cookieless Future

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The latest Ad Age article, “12 AD LEADERS PLANNING FOR THE COOKIELESS FUTURE,” features the top ad tech execs designing the next-generation of programmatic advertising. The article features Kinesso CEO, Arun Kumar, discussing the company’s latest innovation, Kii, and how the intelligent identity solution is easing the stress over the depreciation of third-party cookies.

Kii’s identity solution focuses on precise and increased audience reach across a brand’s marketing portfolio. It also offers unfettered access to audiences across the internet – allowing brands to know their audience, and connect.

A private domain graph collects and unifies a client’s owned data assets into views of unique consumers to be leveraged for direct marketing efforts, or through a cross-domain graph for addressable activation. A cross-domain graph collects and unifies data from a number of third-party online and offline data sources to create unique identifiers that can be connected to top publishers and platforms for addressable activation.And the applications and services Kinesso has built on top of our identity spine enable audience creation and syndication through Audience Console. Tangible benefits include better reach due to higher match rates and better, measurable outcomes due to higher reach and accuracy. It’s a solution that’s delivering a 20% increase in meaningful reach.

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