Building a Global Hub: Kinesso India’s 6th Year and Counting

Kinesso India Anniversary

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Since Kinesso started business operations in India over five years ago, the growth journey has been extremely close to my heart and at times, overwhelming. When we started, we were a nimble staff of 20 and it is astounding when I look at our present team of 350+ incredibly dedicated and talented individuals.

Kinesso has held strong in the face of extreme challenges due to the pandemic and compulsive work-from-home scenarios, even achieving growth milestones. Due to digital disruption and the increase in usage of digital media as key source of our daily lives, we were able to grow multi-fold in a short span of time. We are proud of the fact that many of our team members have witnessed their personal and professional growth by being with us since inception.

We at Kinesso India build a culture that supports the design and maintenance of efficient and effective business processes, which is not only beneficial for our agency partners but also for the employees. Building a global hub is a mission that certainly isn’t without its challenges. We prioritize critical thinking and focus on finding business solutions. As one of the biggest hubs servicing Kinesso clients and markets globally, we follow 9 best practices:

1) Futureproof competencies
2) Moonshot projects & innovation
3) Attrition & retention strategies
4) Sustainable business pipeline
5) Incubation & intrapreneurship
6) Leadership development
7) Empathy & care for people
8) Customer experience
9) Scalable systems & processes

In the coming years, we plan to grow both vertically and horizontally, by establishing practices for all Kinesso technology, data and product service offerings and supporting all markets globally from here.

Any team grows by the faithful effort of all the employees, which helps achieve the milestones, expand the territories and strengthen customer relationships. We look forward to doing exactly this in the coming years as a bigger and stronger team.

With so much to celebrate and look forward to, the entire Kinesso India team celebrated its 6th anniversary last month in the Mumbai office – a momentous occasion in which many of our staff were seeing each other face-to-face for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. While team members based across the country dialled-in to enjoy the program and participate virtually.

Kicking off festivities were speeches from our global leadership team – Michael Heberle (Chief Analytics Officer), Huascar Peralta (EVP, Data & Platform Operations), Leila Ruyan (SVP, Global Marketing Sciences), Sarah Rose (SVP, International Ad Operations) and Madeline Juneau (VP, Global Reporting) — who set the tone to appreciate all the achievements we have accomplished as one of the business’ biggest hubs.

At Kinesso, we have huge respect and appreciation for our budding leaders. We took the opportunity to award these individuals who push their boundaries, take that leap of faith to solve clients’ business issues and as a result, infuse all of us with energy and encouragement for further projects. On the lighter side of things, we also awarded our best dressed, our chattiest and our colleagues whose calendars are busiest!

It was a fantastic break from our day-to-day with music and dance performances from our very own keeping us entertained well into the evening. The event commemorated our rich organisational culture and relationships built across the team. We cherish and nurture the growth that has been achieved by the hardworking team at Kinesso.

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