Building Trust in Your Advertising Ecosystem

building trust in your advertising ecosystem

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Building customer trust is vital to the success of any brand. But there are ways marketers can increase trust without sacrificing something equally important—privacy. People, processes, and platforms must work together to build and maintain trust between brands and consumers. Data and technology have a clear interoperability in order to achieve mutual outcomes, and both sides are taking digital responsibility seriously.

Crystal Wallace, Chief Growth Officer for Platforms at Kinesso, and Tracy YoungLincoln, Global Chief Client Officer at Kinesso, recently sat down with leading industry partners from Google and Salesforce to discuss the value partnerships bring, both in trust and in knowledge, and the importance of putting privacy first.

Partnerships are a key aspect of making sure that marketers are measuring, identifying, and delivering meaningful experiences in a digitally responsible way. Whether it be for reporting, performance, campaign processes, or any other area, the strongest benefits of partnerships are realized by building and maintaining a meaningful ecosystem. Leaning into those relationships, such as ones between publishers and advertisers, can help close knowledge gaps and build the necessary trust to activate media at scale, enable identity matching, and envision what a cookieless future will look like.

Watch Crystal Wallace & Tracy YoungLincoln’s fireside chat with industry leaders below, and learn more about how performance is driven by collaboration, how we can solve for identity in a digitally responsible way, and how to take actionable steps for 2023 to accelerate growth and digital transformation.

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