Data Privacy Around The World: A Conversation With Our Global Leaders

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Sheila Colclasure, Global Chief Digital Responsibility and Public Policy Officer, IPG

Trust in the marketing and advertising ecosystem is under extreme pressure around the world. Brands want happy customers, and people want brands they can trust. In the digital age where a brand’s ability to survive and meet the expectations of people depends on data, we have a lot of work to do to protect the ecosystem. We have to address trustworthiness between regulators, brands, and people.

Jorge Chavez, LATAM President, Matterkind

Our main priority is to help our clients navigate the “data privacy path” so they can have more honest, improved engagements with their audiences. This is especially important as we continue to face new data regulations in a cookie-less world. So far, LATAM has embraced regulations from the EU such as GDPR. As a result, we’re seeing an increased interest from clients on how to build a strong set of technologies that allows them to own their own data beyond dependency on 3rd parties and cookies. Having said that, I recognize that even though LATAM has adopted EU regulations, there is still an opportunity for more specific, local and public regulations in this space. We will continue to look toward the future of privacy and in doing so, will position ourselves to be a valuable partner to our clients. We must always look to provide solutions for an increasingly regulated world that benefit both people and companies.

Dr. Sachiko Scheuing, European Privacy Officer, Acxiom

In the Europe Africa and Middle East region, our focus continues to be on compliance.  Last year marked the birth of the Subject Access Request Center of Excellence, where we consolidated consumer relations experts of all European countries together, under the EMEA Privacy Team.  This allows us to exchange information as well as best practices, related to dealing with consumer enquiries, making sure that consumers are able to exercise their right to data protection no matter where they are located.  The European Data Protection Impact Assessment system has also seen a huge transformation that significantly improved the way we screen a wide variety of processing: from HR Systems to digital data products.  This year, we will be further expediting the automation effort as part of our global initiative. As our business models and use cases evolve, we will continue to be intensively engaged with business leaders to generate robust, future proof solutions, developed with Privacy-By-Design.

In the era of ubiquitous data generation and accelerated digitalisation, companies are expected to do more than just have well written privacy policies and elaborate data protection agreements.  Accountability efforts must become demonstrable.  We want to continue to share our experience, how we are making accountability demonstrable at Acxiom, with our partners, competitors and the marketing and advertising industry.

Hanan Belarbi, SVP Global Client Solutions, Kinesso

The maturity of data privacy laws varies greatly across the Asia Pacific region, but because of the region’s importance in global business, technology, and the innovation value chain, we’re seeing rapid development in privacy law and governance. Governments are strengthening their privacy law frameworks. Many countries are currently seeking to strengthen their laws to obtain an adequate decision that enables the free flow of data within the EU.  And while data privacy in APAC is like a patchwork, there is more and more alignment across the region with the Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) to build customer, business, and regulator trust in the cross border flow of personal data.

Alex Hazell, Head of EMEA Legal, Acxiom

The GDPR reaches its third birthday this May. The longstanding industry debate with privacy activists and regulators about what sort of notice and choice is needed for compliant marketing data use continues. This is likely to come to a head within the next twelve months and culminate in codes of practice informed by higher court decisions. The priority for data protection in Europe is for the right balance to be struck between business use of personal data and respect for people’s rights and freedoms. We are hopeful that the check and balance provided by judicial oversight will lead to a pragmatic and risk-based interpretation of the law to allow the marketing data ecosystem not only to survive, but also to flourish.

Dr. JJ Pan, APAC Privacy Officer, Acxiom

Because we are expecting the drafts of the ” Personal Information Protection Act” and ” Data Security Act” to be passed, this year will be  critical for businesses to  demonstrate accountability and ethical data usage for customers in China. I believe that Data Privacy will support Acxiom  to stand out in the digital marketing ecosystem. Especially when it comes to the global best practice of Data Governance and Data Ethics. These will be the ultimate solutions to the challenges we’re facing around data protection in the region. 

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