Kinesso, the Marketing Intelligence Engine of IPG, makes marketing smarter, faster and more efficient. Powered by Acxiom’s data foundation, Kinesso is the applications and services layer that enables and empowers IPG’s portfolio of agencies, building marketing solutions for a data-driven future.

To continuously innovate, disrupt and evolve alongside an ever-changing marketplace, we operate with Guiding Principles –characteristics and ideals which govern every facet of our work.

At Kinesso, we:

Design Integrated Marketing

We are a client-first organization. All initiatives center on maximizing the client experience.

Accelerate – Always

We move quickly and operate with a clear sense of direction. As a result, we deliver the most efficient and effective product.

Connect, Enable & Amplify

We enable and empower our agency partners and clients. We augment IPG’s Open Architecture model, driving innovation and business outcomes.

Combine Strategy &

We are experts at what we do and we aren’t afraid to take bold risks. The combination of strategic thinking and tradecraft enables us to stay on the bleeding edge of marketing.

Make Diversity a
Competitive Advantage

Our talent is our greatest asset. As a global company, we assess and measure diversity in the context of each market. We look beyond traditional metrics and encourage diversity of thought, ideas, experiences – it is our strongest competitive advantage.

Value Both Horizontal
& Vertical Growth

Skill acquisition, analytical thinking and creative problem solving are all part of the job.  Depth of knowledge is critical, however there is an equal premium on horizontal growth – cross-training to become better practitioners and operators.

Embrace Change
& Disruption

We operate with excellence under unique, even ambiguous, circumstances.  Technology does not disrupt partially; it disrupts absolutely – and we are positioned at the forefront of that transformation.

Create a Lasting
Inflection Point

We swiftly develop new capabilities and innovations, demonstrating the long-term impact of our work on behalf of our clients.