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Matterkind Improves Carnival Cruise Line Bookings 200%
with Innovative, Performance-Based CPA Model


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Performance Media & Marketing

Creative use of performance-based advertising or marketing in any media


Carnival Cruise Lines



3RD Party Affiliated Agency


Submission Brief

By early 2021, Carnival Cruise Lines had already endured a year-long ‘pandemic pause’ on branding investment. Consumer interest and travel confidence was rising, but the cruise industry was not recovering as quickly. Carnival looked to Matterkind to recommend audience engagement tactics, ad formats and platforms to drive site bookings.


Matterkind’s data-driven approach to Addressable Display and Search efforts joined two different teams (PRG, SEM) into one, managing campaigns with a holistic, programmatic-first approach toward resolving overlap and frequency. Working closely with the Initiative agency, Matterkind built an award-winning approach to Pay for Performance, Dynamic Creative Optimization activation — fully supported with dashboards, insights and partner inventory.


Matterkind identified placements that would increase booking volume plus conducted cross-channel analysis to strike an investment balance between search and display:

The entire campaign was performed for a low risk, fixed cost per booking model. By de-duping actual business results, Carnival was able to pay a single CPOB (Cost Per Online Booking) with no additional cost between partners in the same channel instead of a separate CPM for display and CPC for search.


In Q4, Matterkind bridged upper funnel exposure with lower funnel conversions using ACR technology and future linear TV commercials. Results were extremely powerful — booking volume surged 200% from Q3-Q4, and media investment grew 2x.


Teads Social Extension Examples

“Shaq” Social Extension

“Opera Man” Social Extension

Undertone Social Extension Examples

Search Ads

Relevant Imagery and Engagement

Individual Credits


Emily Cotton, Account Manager


Glenn Ifurung, VP Outcome Based Solutions (West)


Gabe Kim, VP Outcome Based Solutions (East)


Craig Kutner, Director of Search & Social


Manuel Popa, Manager of Addressable Strategy


Gabby Roger, Coordinator of Addressable Strategy & Activation


Caylie Zweig, Manager of Addressable Strategy

Carnival Cruise Lines

Jennifer Austin, Sr. Director of Media Strategy


Michael Muralles, Performance Advertising Manager


Linda Cronin, Managing Director


Bradley Feather, Group Director, Client Advice and Management