MediaPost Award Submission

New Balance Repositions Brand Using Top of Funnel Affiliates and Influencers


New Balance Partnership Program


Influencer Marketing

Creative use of influencer marketing to identify key individuals/groups that have sway over potential buyers.


New Balance



3rd Party Affiliated Agency


Submission Brief

New Balance recently embarked on a journey to elevate and reinforce its position as a premium lifestyle & performance brand and looked to agency of record Mediahub in collaboration with sister agency Matterkind to help them achieve this transition. Historically undervalued and misunderstood at New Balance, affiliate marketing was often siloed and seen as a lower-funnel, discount and coupon-focused tactic; not a strategic asset.


To address the challenges of this channel, Matterkind and Mediahub helped New Balance focus on the following:


Establish New Strategic Partnerships That Better Align With Brand Strategy 

Diversify Partner Mix & Lowering Partner Dependencies

Align With Cross-Channel Teams To Drive Visibility, Collaboration & Long-Term Brand Strategy


YouTube/Video Influencers

Influencer: Hes Kicks

Example of one of his sponsored New Balance review videos:

Influencer: Eddie Win

Example of one of his sponsored New Balance review videos:

Traditional Publication Examples

New York Post

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Gear Patrol

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Gear Patrol

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Key Opinion Leader Examples


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Individual Credits

William Hamer-Jones, VP of Partnerships, Matterkind


Amanda Bono, Director of Affiliate & Partnerships, Matterkind


Ashley Bertschmann, Sr. Marketing Manager of North America Media & Consumer Acquisition, New Balance


HesKicks, Shoe Content Creator


Eddie Win, Sneaker & Fashion Influencer