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Data-Driven Out of Home Strategy Boosts Engagement; Results for AstraZeneca’s Brilinta


Brilinta DTC Digital Out of Home


Outdoor Media

Creative use of outdoor or place-based media as a campaign’s centerpiece.


AstraZeneca (Brilinta)



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Patients & Purpose

Submission Brief

Brilinta, a pharmaceutical for people at high risk of heart attack or stroke, wanted to supplement traditional marketing campaigns with a DTC approach to create brand awareness, stimulate engagement, and educate people on their path to better managing cardiac and stroke risk. Partnering with Matterkind, the Brilinta team launched a Digital Out of Home strategy utilizing Crossix audience data to determine DOOH locations over-indexed for heart attack survivors.


The media plan prioritized street furniture inventory only so that viewers could easily read requisite safety information required of black box drug brands. A QR code in the creative provided contactless access on branded website to the necessary additional prescribing and safety information.


Matterkind’s cross-channel addressable capabilities also captured and matched viewer mobile data to other display and video partner to enable re-engagement of likely exposed viewers to reinforce the benefits and risks of Brilinta.

Indirect pharma conversions make attribution difficult. A brand lift study and other media metrics were employed to measure success.


Of those exposed:

Only representing 3% of all video impressions served, re-engaged DOOH viewers significantly outperformed other audiences among many metrics:



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Individual Credits

Sandra Heinig, Associate Director of CV Consumer Marketing, AstraZeneca


Johnny Dogun, AstraZeneca


Veronica Hurtado, AstraZeneca


Faryn Brown, Associate Director of Addressable Activation, Matterkind


Francis DHondt, VP of Addressable Activation, Matterkind