Sitting at the Intersection of Product Design and Digital Responsibility

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I remember the company’s drive to become GDPR compliant.  You would imagine it would be a fairly simple process. Lawyers would clearly articulate new things you had to start doing, old things you had to stop doing and help sort through the shades of grey in between on the parts of the new regulation that weren’t clear.  Instead, it proved to be a painful, somewhat messy process for our Product team. We would often receive impractical requests, asks from partners that couldn’t be seen to fruition, all on impossibly short deadlines. Considering the obstacles we faced, it is with some pride that I recognize what our teams were able to accomplish and that they ultimately completed the job. That said, the experience made it clear to all involved — there had to be a better way.  So was born our initiative to build Digital Responsibility into the core of our offerings and actively contribute to the conversation across the industry with our partners, clients and the regulators.

Once our policy agenda was finalized, we created a number of internal practices to ensure our Products and Services are not only compliant, but in line with the high ethical standards we have set for ourselves and are demanded by our clients.  There are three key components…

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