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Designing Audiences with Intention

Designing Audiences with Intention

Martech has a bias problem. It is a problem that continues to haunt digital marketers and platforms, capture headlines, and create reputational and legal risk for brands. It is also an opportunity to examine the implicit bias impacting how we, as digital marketers, think about the complexities and nuances of

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Reclaiming Our Data Destiny Arun

ANA: Reclaiming Our Data Destiny

Every good marketer knows that data is king. From analytics, you can gather information that you would’ve never otherwise known. But many tech companies have crossed boundaries, gathered too much, and left people feeling violated. Where’s the line between too much data and just enough? With the shift away from

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What the iOS 14 Update Means for Brands

Apple recently announced several new features in their upcoming release of iOS 14. Of note to the advertising world were several announcements around privacy that are likely to have long term effects on the large mobile advertising industry. These updates are in keeping with Apple’s decision to help give consumers

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Data Activation and Data Matching, Part 2

Harnessing your first-party data to drive decisioning and to use for Marketing, Personalization and Analytics isn’t easy to employ, and it requires curiosity, rigor and cohesiveness. A brand that is intent on using and activating this data should be knowledgeable about their first-party data and the resources available within their

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Practical Data Democratization in Post-Cookie World

The ability to make powerful data readily accessible for anyone in your organization, widely known as data democratization, is not a new concept. Numerous articles have been written about the topic as well as the benefits of cross functional datasets, transparency and accessibility. Today’s CMOs are challenged to show business

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Connecting with Consumers Through Addressability

Consumers are really enjoying their favorite movies and TV shows these days. They are seamlessly switching between multiple streaming services and devices around the clock to watch content wherever and whenever they want. The advancement of cord cutting, streaming services, and different devices for streaming has been changing the media

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Data Disruption and The Silos That Remain

Much has been written about the disruption of the CMO role, which now requires data and technology expertise to enable a more holistic understanding of the customer journey in today’s connected world. The goal being to solve the data disconnect that exists across organizations. Yet, just below the executive level,

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