The Future of Identity in the Addressable Advertising World

Across the digital marketing and advertising space, there have been many noteworthy announcements around how advertising is being disrupted by the death of the third-party cookie. Including for example, upcoming changes to the Chrome browser announced by Google and now Apple’s announcement of a new consent framework to the mobile […]

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Four Steps to Building an Identity-Based Marketing Strategy

Nothing embodies change as much as today’s marketing and advertising technology ecosystem. Seemingly every day, existing players are consolidated and new players emerge. Broadly, martech refers to the ecosystem of tools used to automate, measure, and amplify marketing efforts to reach specific customers and customer segments. The category covers advertising […]

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Why Identity is Key in Times of Crises

Many brands, and the agencies that serve them, are now acutely aware of what the walled gardens have known all along: identity rules. With that said, financial services and healthcare companies and governments have a long history of strict practices when it comes to positively identifying people for the purposes […]

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