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Adapting to a New Normal"

Adapting to a New Normal

Most who know me well know that I am introverted with extroverted tendencies. The introvert has a time limit on being out. The extrovert in me does not hesitate when it comes to invitations to a great meal, conversation, museum, cultural event, or random activity. I love being around people,

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Sorry Not Sorry: I’m Still Learning

Sorry Not Sorry: I’m Still Learning

Whether you speak to one of my colleagues, a friend of mine, or my parents, they’d likely say the same thing: She’s always saying “Sorry.” Heck, even if you bump into me, you’ll probably still get an apology. And no matter how many times I’m told, or how many times

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Reclaiming Our Data Destiny Arun

ANA: Reclaiming Our Data Destiny

Every good marketer knows that data is king. From analytics, you can gather information that you would’ve never otherwise known. But many tech companies have crossed boundaries, gathered too much, and left people feeling violated. Where’s the line between too much data and just enough? With the shift away from

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The Time is Now for AI-Powered Incremental ROI Optimization

Over the past year, I’ve seen a lot of exciting technology come together across Kinesso’s media measurement and optimization capabilities. One area that is particularly exciting is scaling experiments to drive incremental ROI optimization, and I hope to convince you to get excited about this area too.  Experiments are improving

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Data Disruption and The Silos That Remain

Much has been written about the disruption of the CMO role, which now requires data and technology expertise to enable a more holistic understanding of the customer journey in today’s connected world. The goal being to solve the data disconnect that exists across organizations. Yet, just below the executive level,

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How to win #brandloyalty panel recap—4 key takeaways. 1. Highly curated experiences and being spoken “to” are out. Learn more from the experts @ipg and @twitch. @fastcompany #ad

How to win #brandloyalty amidst all the marketing noise. @IPG and @twitch executives discuss ways to forge lasting and authentic #customerrelationships in this @fastcompany panel. #ad

Kinesso's Chief Talent Officer, Renu Honda, and Wendi Dunlap, SVP Outcome Based Planning, spoke last week at @AdvertisingWeek, at the Equality Lounge hosted by The @FemaleQuotient. Check out these photos from the event! #AdvertisingWeek #AW2022 #WeAreKinesso


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