Three Major Challenges Facing Digital Marketers

Three Major Challenges Facing Digital Marketers

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If you ask a digital marketer about obstacles in their job, you’re likely to get an assortment of responses ranging from “marketing budget” to “deprecation of third-party cookies.” However, there are three areas that are becoming dilemmas for marketers: Unifying data across platforms for the best view of people; understanding the latest privacy regulations and their impact on reaching people; and how to respectfully reach people to serve them the content they want, to foster brand loyalty and engagement.

With these challenges growing, it’s critical for marketers to intelligently know how to address them, to successfully optimize their marketing campaigns and budget. By taking steps to automate how companies collect and utilize data, marketers can get a better understanding of the people they want to connect with and do so in a way that’s privacy-compliant, effective, and efficient.

How are marketers going to effectively and efficiently reach people?

  1. Opportunity: Understanding people
  2. Opportunity: Conscious marketing
  3. Opportunity: Message personalization

Marketers use many platforms to piece together a holistic picture of people, to build the best media strategy. But data fragmentation, and the growing number of platforms used to collect data, can make a true picture of people elusive and challenging. Marketers continue to increase the number of platforms to run campaigns, and compiling data has become resource intensive and is largely a manual process. What marketers need is automation of data collection, analysis, and actionable insights.

Increased privacy regulations is a growing focus for marketers. People are demanding more protection in the online landscape and the government has been implementing additional regulations that make a marketers job of reaching the right users challenging. With the deprecation of the third-party cookie looming, e marketers are searching for new ways to reach people, while messaging them in a privacy compliant way.

In addition to increasing challenges compiling a holistic picture of people, marketers need to personalize messages to to foster continued brand loyalty. With people being inundated with brand messages, if the right message doesn’t reach the right person, people will quickly disengage, affecting ROI.

Navigating These Marketing Challenges

Keeping these three challenges in mind, how will a marketer be able to manage their media campaigns? Campaigns can have many audience components and as the complexity grows, understanding the audience, extending the reach, and managing the frequency of messaging puts a lot at stake for the marketer. Campaign set up may involve multiple brands associated with one advertiser, there may be multiple target audiences involved, there may be multiple buying platforms or partners, or there may be multiple media tactics or channels. When a campaign has any or all of these complexities, once the campaign goes live, how will marketers monitor serving to duplicate audiences, serving competing messages, and manage campaign fatigue? There are a lot of moving pieces, and without actionable audience insights, teams won’t know what is happening with the campaign’s audience and where to make adjustments.

The Solutions That Put People First

Kinesso solutions focus on addressable media with an audience-first approach. Audience Hub was developed to identify effective and efficient audience reach and frequency across a variety of dimensions, by unifying data across multiple platforms and campaigns into one view, while respecting the privacy of individuals. Brands can increase performance of their media and ROAS by understanding and identifying effective and efficient audience reach and frequency by utilizing detailed reports and unique analysis capabilities based on real people, not models. This results in more impactful media buys, more purposeful connections with people, and reduced waste on marketing spend.

Kinesso brings together technology and data in a way that helps clients understand people, and brings teams together with a data-driven approach to make the best decisions that drive the goals of the business.

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