Unlocking Tomorrow’s Marketing Potential with Kii

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With depreciation of third-party cookies at hand, marketers need a solution that delivers a new, future-resilient way to continue understanding and connecting with audiences. Enter Kinesso Intelligent Identity (Kii), a solution that enables marketers to reach and connect with relevant audiences, in a world where third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs are increasingly absent. Kii makes possible the consistent, privacy-first approach to identity that’s required to plan, execute, and measure great customer experiences. It is the only solution that opens all ‘doors’ in the addressable marketing ecosystem, across the open web and with ‘walled gardens.’ Kii enables an increase in relevant campaign reach – typically 20% through match rate improvements – to deliver better marketing and customer experiences at a lower cost to brands. Furthermore, Kii locks in higher standards of security and privacy by reducing data movement and by helping ensure people’s interests and data rights are respected. Arun Kumar, CEO of Kinesso and global chief data and marketing technology officer at IPG, recently talked with Adweek to share more about this latest innovation from Kinesso.

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