Women’s History Month at Kinesso

Women's History Month

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When it comes to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe, we know our focus should extend far beyond Women’s History Month in March. We, as a society, have made great strides, but we still have important steps to take and more to learn and change.

As important as it is to honor and learn from women who made history and enabled little girls to imagine new possibilities for their lives, we also need to make space for recognizing those who are doing big things right now in their areas of influence. Here are the stories from women within our organization who are changing the status quo.

Melanie Nelson
Account Director, Media Relations at Weber Shandwick
Maj. (retired) Army National Guard

Inspired by watching reporter Wolf Blitzer share stories from the field during Operation Desert Storm, I’ve been genuinely interested in communications since high school. From forensics to the student newspaper, I connected with the idea that communication was an art I wanted to explore. I fell in love with broadcast journalism studying it in college while simultaneously serving as a broadcaster in the Army National Guard.

I was fortunate to start a career in broadcasting immediately after college, and fortunate again to get an opportunity to advance in positions in marketing and advertising, and public relations. It has been remarkable to be involved in an industry that has transformed like it has, and I believe to stay in it, so must we.

I was 42 when I applied for graduate school, seeking a strategic communication degree from Concordia University in St. Paul. While most of my cohort was in their mid-20’s, I wasn’t the only late comer to grad school, Dave was also a communications director and a couple years older than me. The two of us were warmly referred to as mom and dad.

Just this year I was invited to join the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Upper Midwest Chapter. I sit in meetings alongside Twin Cities journalists that I grew up watching, and others that I still pitch stories to today, discussing ways to keep broadcast journalism healthy and inspirational to talented young adults selecting their first career. The world of communications is a place to be inspired, to inspire and to never, ever stop learning.

Valentina Patino
Senior Associate of Addressable Action at Matterkind

As a woman in adtech, I believe there are no limits to what we can accomplish. Even though adtech is still considered a male-dominated industry and not all companies offer equal opportunities or are as diverse as others, by being part of this industry, I want to show and encourage other women that are afraid to be part of it, that they just need to believe in themselves! It is important that they are confident about their skills and what they can bring to the table.

I feel lucky to say that since I joined the team at Matterkind, I have never felt that my contributions to the team are less than my male coworkers. I work with amazing women on a day-to-day basis, mostly in leadership roles, which encourage me to keep working hard to rise to those positions one day. Additionally, I give credit to my male coworkers who make me feel comfortable learning and working together in an ever-evolving industry.

Eima Pandher
VP International Business Operations of Ad Operations at Kinesso

There’s always an opportunity to do more than what you are tasked to do. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. My experience has taught me that if you go above and beyond, you will find areas of improvement. You’ll think of how to work smarter and faster without changing the quality of your work. You’ll learn to prioritize your tasks to be more efficient, delegate, and take care of your physical and mental health.

I’m extremely excited to continue my passion in adtech as a leader within my organization. I hope this inspires all women and young women that they don’t have to settle for what’s given to them. Kick the closed doors, pave your paths, drive your own ideas forward. The opportunities are there.

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When it comes to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe, we know our focus should extend far beyond


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