We unify the complex nature of a brand’s media, data, audience, analytics, and creative architecture, to realize the true value of its marketing.

The media landscape is transforming, but KINESSO is creating the connections that move brands forward.

We get it. The constant shifts in our industry such as automation, AI-driven content, and acceleration of retail media require a partner who understands that media, tech, and data delivered in isolation will no longer suffice.

KINESSO distills straight forward insights from complex patterns and technologies.

Our people apply real intelligence – built from tech savvy, raw creativity, and deep knowledge – to build solutions and drive results for your business.

Our Mission

We unlock the full potential of brands by providing you with the clarity and confidence needed to take action.

Performance Marketing + Data & Technology

Turn action into outcomes

Audience Development

Identify and effectively target high-value audiences through our data-led insights. Make meaningful connections that drive more customers to your business and frame messaging that cuts through the noise.

Digital Experience

Overhaul your on-site customer experience from build to launch and beyond with smooth user journeys and data-led strategies that increase engagement, improve return rates and boost your overall revenue.


Capture the attention of new customers by increasing your online presence. We work with you to transform your paid and organic performance across the search universe.


Get your brand seen by your target audience across social platforms. Our dynamic approach to paid and organic covers everything from ad design to improving engagement and driving conversion.


Reach new customers and be seen where it matters. Drive engagement and revenue using our automated technology for media buying that delivers the biggest impact.


Conversion-focused to maximize revenue, our commerce solutions help you outpace the competition and boost sales and loyalty through our innovative strategies across D2C, retail display media and 3rd-party retailers.

Addressable Content

Get straight to your highest-value audiences and reap the benefits with our addressable content offering. We ensure you’re delivering the right message to the right person at exactly the right time.

Curated Marketplaces

Reach your target audiences in premium environments through a tailored publisher approach that meets brand needs.

Platforms & Intelligence

We source the data you need to ensure your business performs at its best across the technology platforms that matter most. From set-up to strategy, we’ll show you the path to success.

AI Solutions

Introduce pioneering AI into your performance marketing strategy to automate everything from time-intensive processes to asset production and media planning. Leverage our proprietary AI toolset to meet your goals in a sustainable way.