Spark action

We unify the complex nature of a brand’s media, data, audience, analytics, and creative architecture, to realize the true value of its marketing.

The media landscape is transforming, but KINESSO is creating the connections that 
move brands forward.

We get it. The constant shifts in our industry such as automation, AI-driven content, and substantial investments in retail media require a partner who understands that media, tech, and data delivered in isolation will no longer suffice. 


KINESSO distills straightforward insights from complex patterns and technologies.

Our people apply real intelligence–built from tech savvy, raw creativity, and deep knowledge–to our learnings in order to generate creative solutions for your business.  



We unlock the full potential of brands by providing you with the clarity and confidence needed to take action.

Turn action into outcomes

Optimize more effectively

At KINESSO, we provide actionable growth through our full-service Performance Marketing offering.

  • Search
  • Social
  • Programmatic
  • Digital Traffic and Conversions
  • Commerce
  • Addressable Content
  • Curated Marketplaces
  • Platform Intelligence
We make data easy to understand, AI productive, and algorithms effective to provide the kind of simplicity that allows for direct action.

  • Audience Development Planning
  • Optimization Media Activation
  • Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence Engine