People Care

Welcome to the People Care section for Kinesso and Matterkind (a Kinesso company). We provide information about the services we provide to clients, and how our Digital Responsibility program is designed to protect people and enable the trusted and just use of data. To exercise your personal choices for opt-out, deletion or access, CLICK HERE.

Kinesso and Matterkind provide marketing services for many of the largest brands in the world. We believe that marketing done ethically, fairly and subject to accountability, connects people to brand value, creates community, democratizes knowledge and access, and is a vital economic engine. This guardianship requires that marketing be done in a transparent, accountable and trustworthy manner. We call this Digital Responsibility and hope the information below provides insight into our services, the data we process and the partners we work with. The People Care Center also links to resources to express your preferences and exercise control over the use of your data in the advertising ecosystem.

Digital Responsibility

Taking a proactive approach to digital responsibility is at the core of how Matterkind and Kinesso deliver services to our clients.


Digital Responsibility starts with Kinesso’s application of the design principles of security, privacy, and the ethical data use to the planning, engineering and deployment of Kinesso marketing intelligence services. Along with Matterkind, we are leading the marketing industry with thought and practice leadership that includes a strategic data ethics practice to drive trustworthiness through our Digital Responsibility program.


Being digitally responsible is our North Star, and our approach includes processes that facilitate security, compliance with data protection and privacy requirements, accountability, and trusted use of data. We continuously seek ways to advance thought and practice leadership within the marketing and advertising industry.

IPG, Kinesso and Matterkind services

Our marketing services bring the best minds in data, technology, and media activation together to enable brands to gain better business outcomes from data by connecting seamlessly across the world’s leading adtech and martech systems.


We recognize that trust is the new marketing currency. To be trustworthy, companies should operate in a way that is transparent, accountable, and ethical. When companies are trustworthy, people are more likely to try a new product from a brand, stay loyal and even advocate for them. We believe that trust has to be earned and protected. We must earn and maintain the trust of the full range of stakeholders engaged in a marketing program: the clients we serve, partners we work with, and, most importantly, the people that receive the marketing we help activate. We understand that Kinesso and Matterkind are in a trust position. We have developed our process to drive security, safety, accountability and ethics throughout our products and services.


We focus on the accountability and security of our services.

We know your data is important to you.

Your data is important to us, too. Being digitally responsible is our North Star. We believe data and technology should serve people, be ethical, safe, and secure.


The CCPA provides people with certain rights concerning their personal information. Specifically, consumers have the right to know the actual data and the categories of personal information collected by a business as well as the categories of personal information that a business sells or discloses to a third party. To read more about our people care program, please see Kinesso’s Privacy Center here.


For more information about CCPA, please take a look at the Kinesso CCPA Privacy Notice here.

To exercise your CCPA rights, please click here or call 1 (888) 914-9661 PIN: 894002.

In line with our stance on Digital Responsibility, we are proud to direct you to our affiliate, Acxiom, a privacy-first company, where you can access their consumer portal and exercise control over the use of your personal information.

We have also compiled a list of additional resources below to help you learn more about preference tools and opt out mechanisms available to consumers.

While many websites, including social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, allow you to manage your advertising settings within your user profile or via the site’s cookie banner, other companies have created tools to help you manage your preferences across a number of participating companies through a single website or app.


Here are a few links to some of these industry opt-out tools and more information on how to manage your preferences:

  • In addition, most web browsers allow you to manage your preferences, including the ability to block or limit cookies. For example, you may want to visit these sites to learn about your browser’s privacy controls:

    Additionally, Firefox and Chrome have a number of add-ons that can help enhance your control and manage your preferences.

  • Privacy Badger is a browser add-on from the Electronic Frontier Foundation automatically blocks trackers.


  • Google Analytics Opt-Out is a plug-in that stops Google Analytics being able to track you on websites.


  • Ghostery is a plug-in that lets you identify and block cookies on a website.


  • To learn more about protecting your privacy in the information age, please visit What Consumers Should Know.