Commerce is more than a service, a media space, or a platform—it’s a disruptor that is creating a growing tension between consumer expectations and brand experiences.

KINESSO Commerce orchestrates audiences and demand across all retail channels to optimize the ROI of your media and marketing activities.

Unification is our mantra .

The world of commerce is complex. We unify teams, processes, data and technology to provide an approach that simplifies the fragmented and disparate commerce landscape.

We move at the speed of retail .

Your customer doesn’t have time to wait, and neither do you. We harness the power of tech and AI for quicker, smarter decision-making that drives your desired business outcomes.

We are growth-oriented .

Without a vision into the future, brands are left reacting to real-time changes. We move beyond media efficiency and proactively recommend scenarios to identify gaps, create pockets of opportunity, and invest in revenue potential to ensure your brand is future-ready.

KINESSO Commerce Solutions .

Retail Media is the fastest growing area of digital advertising and we have made it a key component of our offering.

Our Unified Retail Media Solution combines our deep retail expertise with a powerful platform that applies retail intelligence to your marketing engine.

KINESSO Commerce unifies audiences, planning, activation, and measurement-- all bolstered and powered by our proven marketing intelligence platform.

We’re happy to be your commerce business partner.

In addition to Retail Media, we offer Retail Content, Retail Consultancy, and Direct-to-consumer consultancy for brands that are trying to balance between direct and 3rd party sales.

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