We connect the dots, so marketers can connect with people.

We take a different approach.

We believe marketing can do more – and should do more – than get someone to click on an ad. It should build trust and mutually beneficial relationships between people and brands.


This requires a new way of marketing. It requires thinking about the members of an audience as real, multifaceted people whose needs and desires change on a daily basis. It requires giving marketers faster access to data and insights. And it requires making connections that couldn’t be made through the old way of marketing.


Ultimately, this new kind of marketing demands a new kind of engine to power it all. That’s why we aren’t offering just another cloud, but a marketing intelligence engine.


Gain insights on your audience and customer base with Kinesso’s proprietary platform of custom APIs. Powered by the Marketing Intelligence Engine, you can use our APIs to assess customer and business analytics to optimize spend, targeting, and business outcomes.