First Large-Scale Test of HVAs Compares Effectiveness to Demographic and Contextual Targeting

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With the emergence of big data and people-based IDs, advertisers have been shifting to a new, more precise deployment strategy – High Value Audiences (HVAs). The method relies on the identification of specific personas that are deemed as having more lifetime value than people reached through broader, more traditional methods. The segments are created from a large data set with audience behavior tracked at the consumer level. While targeting approaches like demographic and contextual have allowed us to reach larger audiences, this new approach allows for precision where cookies do not.
The media trials team conducted research in both the US and UK to quantify the effectiveness of HVA vs. traditional strategies for reaching consumers.
Key insights from the study include:

  • Identifying HVAs goes beyond simply zeroing in on those who are already going to buy; the tested HVAs were efficiently reaching potential new customers.
  • Ads were more memorable among tested HVAs and were especially effective at fostering a strong brand image. While contextual targeting drove brand resonance as well and is seen as being worth a premium, campaign reach can still be an issue.
  • HVAs were persuaded to purchase the brand, up +8% compared to +4% Demo, +4% Contextual and +6% Demo + Contextual. In addition, HVAs were particularly effective at driving purchase intent among in-market consumers, despite being least likely to have purchased the brand before.
  • The tested HVAs were particularly critical of ads not customized to them. However, when tested HVAs saw creative that they perceived as relevant, the ads were more effective, presenting a clear opportunity to customize creative for HVAs.

You can access the report here.

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