An Open Letter of Commitment to Action

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I commit to speaking up against racial injustice in conversations with my peers, family, co-workers, and society as a whole, especially when someone holds an opposing view. I commit to taking physical action against racial injustice when I encounter it. – Flav A, San Francisco   

I commit to protesting, listening, learning, honesty, spending my privilege, speaking up when my voice is needed and being quiet when it’s not. I commit to taking these actions against racism not only today but also in the future. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to speaking up more often when I see an incident of racial/social injustice. It is a challenge because there is always the threat of backlash or violence. As personally experienced, discrimination (of any sort) is difficult to prove and often there is denial of any wrong-doing on the part of the perpetrator(s). The legal system and justice are two different things. All humans deserve equality. – Anonymous, Toronto   

I commit to overcoming my ego and speaking up, educating myself and acting on what I learn, and continuing to be an ally even after the protests and hashtags quiet down. – Ava W, New York   

I commit to learning about, listening to and embracing all forms of diversity in the fight against racism and discrimination in any form. I will commit to protest, speaking up when my voice is needed and being quiet when it is not. I commit to ensuring my home is one that celebrates diversity in all its forms, so that my family can build a future in a fairer world. – Nicholas M, London  

I commit to realizing personal biases and actively combating them, listening to and amplifying Black voices, and calling out injustice when I see it. – Henry T, New York   

I commit to not only be non-racist, but vocally anti-racist. Additionally, I commit to continuing to educate myself to the privileges that I have had in my life as well as the different experiences of others, and work to use that education and privilege to create equality for those who have not had this based on the color of their skin. – Michael K, New York   

I commit to continuing first to question myself about how I can improve how I think and act to ensure I am removing bias and not perpetuating privilege. I commit to confronting communications and actions that are counter to the improvement of racial relations, wherever I see them, by engaging in dialog to, hopefully, broaden thinking about our societal issues. I commit to continued engagement with my local government to force progress on re-evaluating the power, privilege and accountability of police. – Anonymous, Detroit   

I commit to support people of all skin colours and LGBT friends on social media. They have a right to be treated like everyone else, no matter if they are gay, lesbian, white, black, Catholic, Islamic etc. I will speak up if anyone uses hate-speech against anyone, especially if it’s related to their race, sexual orientation and beliefs. – Marcin Z, Warsaw   

I commit to combat racial injustice by continuing to join the black community protesting in the streets to demand reforms; including defunding the police to redistribute taxpayer dollars towards community programs and mental health services. I also commit to continue to call out inequalities in institutions like housing, education, and the workplace while encouraging my peers to join the fight. – Benjamin F, New York   

I commit to educating friends and family members by providing truthful points of view from legitimate news sources. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to continue educating myself on the topic (reading books, watching videos and researching) and to continue having these difficult conversations with family and friends. – Joseph D, Los Angeles   

I commit to continuing to learn about African American history and all of the important aspects of African American culture that I was never taught in school. – Anonymous, San Francisco   

I commit to speaking out against the deeply-rooted racism that plagues this country’s history and culture, even if it is a topic that makes some people uncomfortable to talk about. This includes making donations to non-profits which empower Black Americans, and voting for politicians who demonstrate a commitment to meaningfully combating racism. – Caio B, New York   

I commit to educating myself and to directly support organizations that push for policy/community action in the BLM movement. I commit to supporting black-owned businesses and to involve myself in future demonstrations and public discussion to help ensure that this movement continues to stay at the forefront of policy priority. – Anonymous, Los Angeles   

I commit to being a positive black woman in IT and serving as an example of integrity and inspiration for all who I come in contact with. This will combat racial and social injustice through everyday professional interactions that can help identify and deter unconscious bias. – Ayana B, New York   

I commit to always speak out in favor of justice and equality. I commit to consciously be aware of my bias and work to defeat it at every possible opportunity. – Wesam H, San Francisco  

I commit to fighting for Human Rights! I will VOTE & PROTEST. I will hold our politicians/leaders/corporations/schools/neighbors/friends/family & myself morally accountable for the brutal systematic injustice in the USA. I’m a believer that we will never fight Racism until we understand the intersectionality with Homophobia and Sexism. All three go hand and hand. We need to redefine and correct the socio economic/ racial & gender constructs and imbalances that have “plague” this country and so many others for far too long. This is our RECKONING. – PC, New York   

My commitment to combating racial and social injustice is to remain receptive to the conversations happening around me and maintaining the dialogues I have regardless of Political Party and Race, just people as people. Also to brainstorm on the elements of things we can change within ourselves and remaining faithful that above all else, GOD checks all of our hearts and speaks to us as we are all wonderfully made through his vision. We can achieve this. Been at this since 2013, no need to stop now. – Arnaldo P, New York   

I commit to no longer keep silent facing situations of racial and social injustice, and to keep educating myself and others around me about systemic racism or other forms of prejudice. – Anonymous, Portugal   

I commit to continue educating myself on black history and current events. I also commit to continue donating to leading organizations in the fight for racial equality and justice, while also supporting local and non-local black-owned businesses and artists. – Zachary J-V, Los Angeles   

I commit to listen & learn from the experiences of the oppressed, and to consciously consider whether the language used and actions taken by myself and my friends/family/colleagues are promoting or combating racism. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to help by connecting with and strengthening our future. For me, a big part of how we solidify a stronger, more connected future is by assuring our future IS stronger and connected … that happens with our youth. Two paths, for me, here – educating younger children on how to eliminate bias and racism, as well, mentoring and elevating students of color. – Teresa G, New York  

I commit to diversifying the talent within the IPG organization. I commit to providing resources for IPG employees to understand the full scope/issues faced by people of color. I commit to providing a pathway and support for those who are looking to achieve leadership roles. I commit to be self-transparent and aware of my involvement and support within the black community. I commit to leading a team that is inclusive & diverse. – Yessenia G, New York   

I commit to calling out microaggressions and letting others know that their statements are not okay and hurtful, even if it was meant as a joke. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to pay a percentage of my income every month to Pay the Rent in Australia. One hundred percent of rent paid foes to aboriginal people in Victoria, and allocation of funds is decided by the Aboriginal Sovereign Body and non-indigenous people do not have a say in how it should be spent. – Anonymous, Sydney  

I commit to unlearning, learning, listening, speaking up and showing up for racial justice. As part of this I will be regularly donating to organizations on the front line and continuing to vote for much needed change. – Leia G, New York   

I commit to interacting with others as individuals regardless of difference in the same manner I would ask to be treated. that is with respect, honesty, and transparency of communication. – Tony E, Sydney   

I commit to opening my recruiting pipeline. 15% of Americans are African American, so should my candidate & interview pool. I will seek out recruiters that actively recruit under-represented populations in tech. – John Hofmeyer, San Francisco  

I commit to combat racism and social injustice by continued education and being a better human.  I will continue to teach my children that everyone is equal NO MATTER the color of their skin. – Louis S, Los Angeles   

I commit to skill sets needed for the job and treat everyone equally, color of skin does not come into picture how I work with people, whom I hire for the job or how I react to people! – Kirthi J, San Francisco   

I commit to learning more about systematic racism and the historical suffrage of African Americans. I commit to educating everyone in my family about race, and treating everyone equally regardless of their skin color, their ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexual identities and orientations. – Xiao Xiao C, Singapore  

I commit to combatting casual racism in the workplace, and helping educate my fellow non-black POC & white coworkers on the impact of microaggressions/macroaggressions. It’s important to help educate those who continue to use dated language and phrases, whether knowingly or not. – Anonymous, New York  

I commit to working hard with the IMPACT team to push through initiatives that promote an equitable environment in the workplace. I commit to donating financially to causes that explicitly service POC and Women. I commit to voting in both local and national elections. – Anonymous, New York

I commit to stand alongside other BIPOC by amplifying their messages where it may not be heard – whether it’s by continuing to hit the streets in protest, calling and emailing elected officials, donating funds to organizations leading the charge on addressing needed changes, as well as having the difficult discussions with my extended family on topics of colorism and the effects of colonialism on their own biases as POC. – Anonymous, New York  

I commit to be responsible for my education. This will include reading material, video material, listening and looking inwards.  Currently White Fragility and Killer Mike are two pillars of my education. – Anonymous, Toronto   

I commit to listening more, talking less and gaining understanding how I can make my personal and professionals more genuine. – Anonymous, San Francisco   

I commit to going beyond the written word to combat racial and social injustice. I commit to using my voice, standing alongside those who have been oppressed, and to donating to causes that will benefit those who need it most. – Sarah, New York   

Educating myself, my family and being an ally to those around me in their fight for justice and equality. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to have open and frank conversations with my children about injustices in our country.  We have also made donations to different causes and plan to participate in peaceful demonstrations. – Anonymous, Birmingham   

I commit to researching information regarding systemic racism that stems from local government policy. Knowledge is power, and the more we understand the fine print, the stronger the impact. – Anonymous, Los Angeles   

I commit to donating to organizations that are fighting these systemic issues, as well as volunteering pro bono professional services to black business owners and community organizers. I commit to signing petitions that are catalysts for positive change, and to protest these injustices. – Anonymous, New York  

I commit to speaking up when I see injustice. I commit to remain open minded and judgement free. – Colette L, New York   

I commit to educating allies on microaggression as well unconscious bias in real time. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to taking action when I see injustices around me at work, home, and in public. I also commit to being aware of my unconscious biases, taking action, and learning from them. – Jennifer P, Toronto   

I commit to take a stand and raise my voice to protest whenever and wherever I will see any kind of racial violence or injustice. – Sayantika D, Mumbai  

I commit to continue to learn, grow, and evolve in understanding racial and social injustices through self-reflection, education, and volunteering. – Justin P, San Francisco   

I commit to educate myself further on matters of racism and social injustice. And I commit to speaking out, denouncing when I see acts of injustice. It is crucial to acknowledge that these occur on a daily basis. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to – treat every human being same as me. If god made our blood red, then there is no way anyone discriminate anyone with their skin color. I have the same respect for every human being same as my family. – Anonymous, San Francisco   

As a person who has spent their lifetime benefiting from white privilege, and as someone who does not like to think of themselves as a racist, I acknowledge I have most certainly perpetrated racism through my words and actions. I commit to not only to good intentions, but to listen so that I can also identify and modify any racist behaviors that have to this point been invisible to me. – Anonymous, San Francisco   

I commit to sharing word about this movement and/or the protests surrounding it. – Anonymous, San Francisco   

I commit to amplifying personal and close connection’s experiences as people of color. Far too often, people believe that they are removed from such injustices when in actuality they happen much closer to home than they realize. Hopefully humanizing the experience will help inspire change. – Anonymous, Los Angeles   

I commit to donating to black-led social justice and bail organizations, buy from black-owned companies, and call my elected representatives – Mayor, City Council, Attorney General, Senator, Congressman – to arrest officer’s charged in police killings, defund the police and route resources to community initiatives to make us safer and healthier. I will also speak up when I hear racist comments and continue to educate myself on how to be actively anti-racist. – Kristin M, Los Angeles  

I commit to treat everyone equally without any discrimination to race, caste or creed. – Anonymous, New York  

I commit to being actively anti-racist and calling out micro (and macro) aggressions any time I hear it. I commit to actively removing institutionalized racism wherever I see it. – Thomas A, San Francisco   

I commit to being aware of my own biases and working to let those go. I have been having discussions at home with my partner about racial and social injustice to talk through my own feelings and thoughts. I have been reading more articles and watching more videos and documentaries on the history of African Americans so I have a better understanding of what they have faced in their history. – Anonymous, San Francisco  

I commit to being an ally to my colleagues, friends, and family that identify as BIPOC. Our goal as allies is not to tell someone else’s story but to create the space for them to do it. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to helping small black and minority-owned businesses connect with artists, designers, developers, strategists, accountants, lawyers, and business mentors who are interested in donating their time and expertise. Together, we can help these small businesses achieve their goals, impact their communities, and gain equal footing amongst the predominantly white male business industry. If you are interested, or know someone who would be – please reach out to [email protected]– Jennifer R, New York   

I commit to use my recent membership to the NAACP to educate myself on issues of racism and social injustice, as well as, take action to fight to stop it by protesting, signing petitions, contacting lawmakers, voting and educating my social circle and anyone else that will listen. – Anonymous, Detroit  

I commit to continuing to educate everyone on Black history so they can understand systemic racism and oppression in this country. – Astride J-G, New York  

I commit to promote the end of the criminalization of drugs, which has led to much of the violence in the black community, and other communities, and the mass incarceration of black people. – Anonymous, San Francisco   

I commit to continuing consistent conversations regarding racism, social bias, and encourage all to educate themselves. In order to create change we must know the history, be empathetic, and plan for effective growth to be successful. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to continue to educate myself and work on becoming actively anti-racist. – Anonymous, Detroit   

I promise to continue listening and learning from others’ experiences and getting actively involved in opportunities within my communities. – Anonymous, Chicago   

I commit to help Asian-American immigrant community understand the systemic racial issues in US.  Many in the Asian-American immigrant community believe in the American Dream (the main reason they immigrated to US) – if you work hard, you will succeed, and that strong belief led them to misunderstand the deeper, systemic issues as individual problems. – Anonymous, New York   

I commit to continuing to treat people fairly and as fellow human beings no matter the colour of their skin, their background, gender or sexual orientation. – Anonymous, Sydney   

I commit to being an anti-racist ally by educating myself through anti-racist literature and media (documentaries and films), using my voice and vote to influence legislative change and petitions for justice, and reflecting on ways that I can better support POC in my community. I commit to amplifying black voices & stories, supporting black businesses & organizers. and continuing the momentum of this movement. – Anonymous, Los Angeles   

I commit to treat other humans in the same way as I want to be treated. – Markus K, Hamburg   

I commit to treat all man-kind with same level of respect and rights. – Anonymous, Malaysia   

I commit to educating other non-black Latinos and Latinos in general about how we Latinos can take part in ending racism towards the black community, both African American and afro Latinos. By continuing to educate myself and others I will raise awareness of the issue. – Anonymous, New York    

I commit to speak up against injustice and racism in all of its forms; both publicly and privately. – Anonymous, Toronto 

I commit to treating all people with respect and removing any and all labels that society creates! – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to listen and learn. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to better educate myself, have open/honest conversations with my people of color, seeking to learn and improve AND THEN speak out against things I hear (others and myself) say or do that doesn’t align with the justice we should all be seeking. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to educate myself about the ways I have benefited from white privilege, start conversations with my friends and family, petition and protest and donate to groups looking to promote equality. – Meg M, Chicago

I commit to being open and unbiased in my day to day life, and also having compassion and understanding for any and all human beings. I also commit to not forming any personal opinions based on race of an individual. – Wallace Nichols, Conway

I commit to my ongoing participation in the Detroit protests as part of the overall global movement.  I commit to continual listening and learning on how to be a better ally and will stand up and speak out when I witness an injustice. – Amy Daneke, Detroit

Be anti-racist. I will strive to be reflective of my own action and call out others racist actions when I see them. – Joe T, Austin

I commit to listen for and correct any and every time I hear or see anyone make a comment that is racist. – Anonymous

I will keep my eyes open, too see people as they are, to see people as they see themselves. – Anonymous, Conway

Understanding how my choices daily impact those in a way i might not have imagined. – Anonymous

I commit to being vocal and speaking out against racism, especially against black people.  I also want to remind people that this moment is about black lives.  Black lives matter.  All black lives. – Andrew, New York

I commit to listening, to educating myself and to being an advocate for the under represented not only now but everyday going forward. – Mary Ward, Conway

I commit to: Lead the development of Acxiom’s BRG Black Employee Network. Become an active leader championing meaningful career development programs for all associates. – Beth-Anne Bygum, Austin

I commit to lend my voice and experiences to help support Safe Spaces at Acxiom which will be monthly conversations with Acxiom Black Employee Network (ABEN) members but open to the organization. Here we can create a dialogue to ask questions without feeling guilty or ashamed. – Robert Woodard, Florida

I commit to understand that everybody is created equal.  I will treat everyone equal in everything I do.  To help myself reverse any unconscious bias ideology that exists in my human self. – Julie

I commit to standing up for those who can no longer stand. As a white male, I (as well as my family) have made signs and stood on the front lines of local protests to show my support and help spread awareness of the barbaric police brutality displayed against African Americans in our country. I haven’t known what it’s like to live in fear because of the color of my skin, but I can do my part to stand in support of those who do. All lives cannot matter until black lives matter, too. – MO, Conway

I commit to learning as much as possible about the history of black people in the United States and things we weren’t taught in school. This will enable me to better advocate on their behalf to dismantle systemic racism. – Jennifer, Little Rock

I am spreading awareness to friends and family members. – Ayan M, Conway

I commit to educating my colleagues of none color and not taking offense but taking defense together to avoid the issues on the rise for our children and their friends. – AS, Conway

I commit to standing up and saying something, making myself heard.  For too long, I feel many have felt, me included, saying they were not prejudice or racist was enough, while looking away when it unfolds before their eyes.  We can no longer pretend we are in this together, we MUST be in this together!  it is our responsibility to ourselves, our children, and the world, to not let this movement stall out. – Loy Christian 

I commit to listen without judgement, comfort without limit and create peace over adversity for anyone in need. – Peace & Love, Marc, Conway

I commit to teaching my children to be intentionally anti-racist – not just inclusive. I commit to learning how to use my privilege to help those who do not. – Merri D, Conway

Getting involved with my hometown to participate in marches, prayers and meeting community leaders to discuss important race issues.  Also, participated in a peaceful discussion with local law enforcement officials. – Matt N, Conway

I commit to speaking up against intolerance, hate speech, discrimination, or another other form of social marginalization. I will promote a kind and welcoming team and work environment. – Zac H, Conway

I commit to being actively anti-racist: I will listen to my Black friends, family and colleagues…I will educate myself and my family…I will call out racism when I see it…I will foster dialogue with my white friends, family and colleagues…I will vote for anti-racist candidates and policies. – Anonymous, Conway

Enhance my education on minority issues and history, challenge those who dismiss these issues, and support equal justice vocally and financially. – Anonymous, Phoenix

I commit to always speaking up when I witness racial and social injustice taking place, because silence is complacency. I won’t be complacent. – Sarah W

I am a black men. It is my responsibility to show non people of color that there is no reason to fear me. – Christopher R, Conway

Working on educating myself on white privilege and racial disparities via books and podcasts.  Tentatively planned an open discussion on what we’ve learned with several friends from church once we’ve done work to better understand. – Erica D, Conway

I commit to teaching the next generation that equality for ALL is how we should and will lead our lives.  I commit to teaching them the injustices of the past so they understand its true importance. – Abi A, London

I commit to step up against racism in a peaceful and de-escalating manner wherever possible. I commit to address this problem whenever it comes up in discussions. – Jana, Neu-Isenburg

I commit to fight against all forms of racism and will continue to treat all individuals with the highest level of respect. – Anonymous, Conway

I will never again think that by doing no harm I’m doing enough. I commit to proactively learning more so that I can change more, starting with myself. – Jed, UK

I commit to treating everyone the same regardless of economic level, religious beliefs, cultural background, political views, ethical values & any other differences.  I commit to understanding these differences among family, friends, neighbors, colleagues & strangers so I can see another view points & connect with more of our brothers & sisters in Christ. – MTV, Downers Grove

I commit to respect and embrace people from all cultural and racial backgrounds. I highly advocate racial and social equality within the IPG Community as well as across the globe. – Xavier Lou, London

I commit to: continuing to educate myself and those close to me; to have open dialogue; and to speak out and take action whenever I see or hear racial and social injustice taking place. – Saba A

knowing my black and brown neighbors much more deeply in order to allow myself a more accurate, helpful, and uplifting worldview that reflects the actual values of my faith. – Gordon K, Conway

I commit to remaining cognizant of viewpoints and perspectives of those who share a different background than my own.  My viewpoints come from the perspective of how I’ve been able to execute in life, and that same path was not as accommodative for others. – Anonymous, New York

I commit to treat people fairly, regardless of their color. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to bring people to the Gospel where Jesus lays the foundation for how we should treat those in our life.  Galatians tells us that we are all one in God’s eyes.  Once we realize the value of all human life and that all are equal before God, then our actions will reflect a kinder humanity. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to being more loving and kind to all people.  That might be something as simple as saying hello and giving a smile to someone at the grocery store with focus on people of any color. – Anonymous

I commit to speaking up and speaking out when I see racism of any kind happening. No more turning my head and looking the other way. – Todd, Little Rock

I commit to investing more time and effort into educating myself, my family, my friends and my network so I/we can become better, more active and more consistent allies against racism, as well as more consistently active proponents of equality.   I commit to speaking up when I see/hear/observe something racist anytime anywhere, rather than politely ignoring or dismissing the signs and evidence of racism. – Michele F, Conway

I commit to self education so that recognize bias and discrimination and take action against it.  I commit to supporting black owned local businesses. – Gloria, Conway

I commit to never again thinking it’s OK to make a joke that includes race, sexual orientation, or any other marginalized group. I used to justify it because I believe, to my core, that I am NOT a racist or a bigot; the problem is (besides obviously poor character), there are too many people who are racists and bigots, so I MUST set an example and be the change that I so hope to see in the world. Words matter! – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to standing up to anyone who says something unjust and/or offensive. – Hannah, Conway

I commit to treating everyone with respect and not making judgement on people based on the color of their skin, their appearance, or their preferences.  I will speak up when I see people not being treated fairly, including myself as a black woman. – R. Norman

I commit to trying my best to understand the many different ways a person may have racist beliefs and to know that I can only control how I act, not how they act.  I commit to continuing to see good in the world. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to not participate in or promote any words or action that seek to discriminate based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or social status. – Jason D, Tyler

I commit to teach LOVE and ACCEPTANCE in my home to my children and keep it a JUDGEMENT-FREE space for all of my family, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, and family of friends–in other words, for ALL who may step into my home. I commit to expand that space to all around me when I step out of my home to all those that I do not know and will treat all human beings as we deserve to be treated-EQUALLY! – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to treat all people with respect and acknowledge we are stronger as a human race when we walk hand in hand, eye to eye….together. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to continuously educate myself and others about racial justice, and stand firmly against any form of racism. – Sarah W, New York

I commit to my continued service to JA, my local homeless shelter, a food pantry, and Ronald McDonald House by offering food, training, fundraising strategy and dollars to help those who are marginalized. – Colleen Considine, Arkansas

I commit to not hold back when I feel as though I am being racially or socially mistreated. I commit to support my coworkers who may feel racially or socially mistreated in all ways; emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc. – Keisha Ingram, Conway

I commit to encourage, support, and empathize with all humans in order to combat racial and social injustice. – MT, Conway

I commit to listening to voices that aren’t heard, to elevating the messages that aren’t being listened to by those of us with racial privileges. BLACK LIVES MATTER. – C. Mcpherson, Conway

I commit to continuing the spread of the belief that it does not matter what you look like. “You can be tall, short, fat, skinny, white, black, yellow, or purple. It does not matter. The only things that matter, is the size of your heart and your character.” – Herman Munster – Casey Belew, Conway

I commit to stand side by side with my friends until the day they feel safe, love, and supported. I pledge to have difficult conversations in life whenever I see aggressions/microagressions occur. I am committed to exercising my right to vote. – Justin B, Conway

Support organizations that fight to racial injustice.  By provide financial support to area families, that I know who need assistance for food and the other basis needs. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to seek out and listen to my black colleagues to learn more about their experience to better provide support, empathy and action and to read and become more educated on the experience of black Americans in the U.S. (these include (so far) MLK, Frederick Douglass, the 1619 Project and others). I have also made financial donations on behalf of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Captain David Dorn. – Anonymous

I commit to listening and participating in as many anti-racism and inclusion webinars/discussions as possible.  I will also discuss openly with my colleagues and try to help resolve issues if they arise. – David Grigsby, Conway

1.  Attend more forums on Diversity.     2.  Read “White Fragility:  Why it’s so Hard For White People to Talk About Racism” 3.  Read “I’m Still Here:  Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness” – John M, Raleigh

I commit to not judging anyone based on the color of their skin, their religion, or their sexual orientation. I will not be biased based on gender, role, or beliefs. – Dave W, New York

I commit to stop racism if I see it. – Anonymous, Conway

Rather than not just suggesting training specifically on unconscious bias, I (self) plan to work with my managers to weave D&I concepts into our days work activity. We not only say the words diversity and inclusion, we need to create and implement these concepts throughout the workforce. – Anonymous, Downers Grove

I commit to judge a person by the kind of person they are and to be color blind! – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to teaching my sons to view and treat every person as equal, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. – Brian B, Conway

I commit to listen, ask questions, inform my audiences about racial and social injustice, and live as an example of unbiased love. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to being an advocate for black talent within not just IPG, but also in my community. It’s not enough to just be an advocate in the workplace, so I commit to carrying this out in my life-outside the office by supporting black voices and other minority groups. I am committing to being part of the change that makes Acxiom inclusive and supportive of everyone. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to regularly donating money to local organizations that are working to combat black maternal mortality and poor birth outcomes in my community. – Anonymous

I commit to being the best employee of color in my department since I’m the only one of color. Be more understanding and giving my all to show equal opportunities. – Anonymous, Conway

Educate myself on social oppression…  Donate money to a local organization to help with their progress with the community. – Anonymous

I commit to seeking to better understand the historical and current day, systemic prejudice that impact people of color.  I commit to sharing what I learn with my family, community, friends and colleagues at work.  I commit to being in solidarity with people of color. – Tate Olinghouse, Conway

I commit to educating myself to have a better understanding of what people of other races experience on a daily basis, to empathize with the stories they have been told by their grandparents, and the stories they see play out everyday on the news.  I know that as I a white person, I have certain privileges that are not bestowed upon other races and I need to use to that privilege to speak out against racial injustice any time I see it or hear it.  Even if it means having tough conversations with my friends and family. – Wendy Caldwell

I commit to being an active ally. I will stand up and speak out in my community where in the past I may have been silent. – Anonymous, Conway

Educate myself and my family on the the reality of racism; recognize my biases and consciously choose to NOT act on them and change those thought processes. – Wendy M

I commit to being actively engaged and a part of the solution, here at Acxiom…committed to having those hard conversations and doing the work to ensure that Acxiom is a diverse and inclusive place for all of its employees and that our reality matches our mission statements. – Arthur I, Conway

I commit to combat racial and social injustice by standing up and speaking up when I see any one being treated unfairly – I will not look the other way.  I commit to teaching my son to have kindness and understand that racial and social injustice is unacceptable. – MW, Conway

I commit to supporting my Acxiom peers to help improve racial equality. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to point out microagressions & unfair behaviors immediately.  And I commit to work with other organizations to improve voter situations during election time in areas where oppression, intimidation & disenfranchising are blatant. – Anonymous, Arkansas

I commit to active leadership on diversity, equity and inclusion through engaging in the D & I Council, IPG WLN and Acxiom BRGs as well as ensuring my organization: participates in bias training, has transparency on workforce diversity and has leadership focus on enhancing support for diverse associates across the team.  I also commit to driving change beyond Acxiom and into the community especially for girls in underserved areas through community organizations promoting inclusion and education at K-12 levels – it is important to drive change early to impact the systemic bias. – Janet C, Austin

I commit to always listen more and talk less. I commit to dedicating more time to educating myself about racial and social injustice. I commit to always treating everyone with dignity & respect equally. – Lauren B, Conway

I commit to supporting my black and brown colleagues – and colleagues of all minorities in gender identification, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion – by serving as an ally and mentor to my senior and junior peers. This responsibility includes educating myself and others on the systemic policial, legislative and law enforcement issues, and subsequently advocating for the required changes to those systems. – Michael Gullotta, Conway

I commit to reject racial comments and jokes no matter the source. – Tony T. Calkins, Conway

I commit to treating everyone equally with respect, love, grace. – Anonymous

I commit to having uncomfortable but important conversations with those from different backgrounds than me. I also commit to advocating for policing reforms. – Kevin S, Conway

I commit to expanding my awareness of racial and social injustice by listening to podcasts, participating in interactive forums, and reading what I have so far learned is a vast library of material authored by those who have long spoke out about racial and social injustice. I commit to vote for measures that and representatives who will work to combat racial and social injustice. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to being a more compassionate city council member in evaluating and listening to our minority alderwomen representing black communities where we budget city tax dollars towards community development and education/training towards our police force. – Jeff M, Conway

I commit to: Real conversations. Real listening. Real empathy. Real solidarity. Real action. Real change. I commit to shutting down racist talk, actions and innuendos where ever and when ever I see it. I commit to my black friends, family and strangers that I will fight for you and your lives for the rest of mine. – Alison C, Conway

Being an ally and stand up for those who are oppressed regardless of color, gender, age, or sexual orientation.  I will be a voice and a shield. – Linda H, Conway

I commit to further educating myself on the history of racial and social injustices to better understand the systemic causes of these inequities in our society. – Rachel B, Conway

I commit to continuing my education on systemic racism and working to dismantle the systems that have held black and brown people back. I commit to having the difficult discussions with other white people about white privilege and white fragility. I will promote the idea that remaining silent on the issue of racism means that you are supporting racism. – Lisa Ghent, Lake Geneva

I commit to listening, being present, being vigilant and speaking out when I see racial/social injustice. – Tammy T, Conway

I commit to initiate and participate in open and honest conversations about race and social justice issues, to listen, to advocate for my peers, and to continue to educate myself. Above all, I commit to lead with kindness and compassion. – Tammy A, Texas

I commit to becoming anti-racist.  I want to understand experiences of Black people in America so I can best do my part to end racism.  – Wendy M White, Rhode Island

I commit to put myself in an environment that is unfamiliar or in a situation where I am visibly a minority. – Anonymous 

I have previously committed to mentor/sponsor a black young man and have had an initial conversation with a BLM participant that I found on a Denver BLM Facebook page.  My goal is to help whomever I mentor reach their personal and career goals.  Secondly, I talk about my experience working in 32 countries and how I have faced discrimination along the way. – Alan S, Colorado

I commit to weekly meetings focused on identifying unconscious bias on our teams. What can we do to insulate our teams from unknowingly introducing bias’ into our daily work? How do we extend that to our client interactions? An open discussion. – Tim Hill, Conway

I commit to listening to and learning from my sisters and brothers of other races, so that I can be a better ally on their behalf when I am confronted with racism in my corner of the world and find opportunities to personally engage in the community to provoke real action and change. – Chris

I commit to treating all people equally and supporting causes that help create equal justice and treatment for all. – Shawn Gilleran, Conway

I commit to educating myself and my children about systemic racism, teaching my children to stand up for others that are not being treated with kindness and equity, ensuring people of color on my team have equal opportunity and speaking up when I see people of color being treated unfairly. – Geri G, Newfield 

I commit to being an active participant in the journey toward racial and social  justice by being consciously aware of injustices and not staying silent when a voice is needed. – Bob G

I commit to advancing equality in my workplace through hiring practices, advancement opportunities, and, most importantly, through my day to day actions.  I will be an example to my team and my organization of the Golden Rule. – Brett Madison, Conway

I commit to increasing volunteer activities with social services non-profits in SW Connecticut. – Anonymous

I commit to educating myself so I can have more in-depth conversations with family and friends. Continue to have my voice heard through in-person protests and promoting local candidates that align with these values. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to talking with my children about ways to show love, support and respect for all people. – Sarah Erstine, Conway 

As I encounter incidents of discrimination, I commit to calling it out and seeking to end it in the moment.  I commit to supporting those impacted through emotional, financial, and legislative assistance. – Tom Nagle

I commit to teaching my children that we are all human beings and we are all equal. There are good people and bad people. Good or bad has no color, race, age, gender, preference, wealth, etc.  Be part of the good people.  Attempt to help the bad. Human equality starts with parenting and teaching our own children and living by these standards. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to continuing to learn from friends of color and their daily trials as well as teach my children to stand up for others who are treated unfairly because of their color. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to treat others as I want to be treated – always. – Mike R

I commit to having those difficult conversations, with anyone, regarding the issues that we see in this nation, without resulting to derogatory or foul language. Although it is an emotional issue, there are facts supporting the reasons for the outcry, and with a better understanding of those reasons maybe more people will stand against racism and racial bias. – Sean F, Conway

I acknowledge that within the US’ Cultural, Political & Economic Systems there ARE deeply rooted, historical inequalities & advantages that have been afforded to individuals with white skin tones. Those are very deep, systemic issues that will not be resolved quickly but NOW is always the time to forge new opportunities (advantages & inequalities in support of non-white men) which are required to address those historical inequalities / advantages and I commit to helping those opportunities to be realized. I commit to promoting, expecting & demanding a culture based on Love & Respect for all people. – Jack Martin, Conway 

I commit to raising awareness of the unconscious biases that feed racism in our every day lives to my family, my friends, and myself. – Bart T, Conway

I commit to taking complete inventory of my heart and asking others to help me identify any blind spots so I can immediately improve them. – David V, Detroit

I commit to educating myself on systemic racism. I commit to being kind, patient and understanding each and every day. – Anonymous, Arkansas

I commit to treat ALL people the same.  Race will have no impact on how I treat others. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to recognizing that while others cannot breathe, I am lucky to be someone who can. I commit to using that breath to listen first and breathe life and support into those struggling for air. – Patrick Duggan, San Francisco

I commit to continuing to educate myself so I can grow and intelligently speak up and help educate others. I commit to researching, signing petitions, and adding my voice to take action to help change legal systems and policies. – LBR

I commit to not ignoring racist comments and stereotypes but instead raise a dialogue and promote education. – Nalini Patel, London

I commit to learning more about systemic racism and what I can do through my voice, vote, and financial contributions to fight it at all levels. – Anonymous, Orange County

I commit to continually try to read and educate myself and my children more about what we personally can do to fight racism.  I will continue to talk to my black friends to see if they have thoughts on this and will make sure they know I fully support them.  I will take my kids to participate in a BLM protest when I have the opportunity, and I will continue to talk to them about all of this so I can make sure they are aware of inequities and growing up to be thoughtful and respectful to everyone, even more so than usual. – Anonymous, Chicago

I commit to not only recognize but to call out and challenge any situation or conversation, in the workplace or other, that is racist or that demonstrates social injustice. – Erik Methlie, Iowa

I commit take opportunities to speak and/or stand against racism and prejudice practices inside and outside of work. – Paul Brantley, Conway

I commit to continue to LOVE ALL!  I commit to continue to SHOW LOVE to all!  I commit to try to help others that don’t understand what it’s like to be black in America. To love a country that at times acts like it doesn’t love and value you and your race. I commit to try to help others understand that there is good and evil in every race and to help them understand there is truly ONE RACE… the HUMAN RACE – Trudi, Conway

I commit to speaking up and stepping in when I see and/or hear injustices happening. I will continue to educate myself and be a strong ally in the fight to end oppression and creating equality. – Veronica P, Phoenix

I commit to speak out against any form of discrimination, racism, or social injustice. As an African American man, I commit to teaching others outside of my race the value in “listening without being defensive”. – Baris Harrison, Austin

I commit to remaining kind and, as an adult, avoiding self-serving virtue signaling as well as the shaming of others if they have committed the “sin” of not sharing all of my views.  Due to the complexity of the issues and problems at hand, I will continue to listen (in order to learn) and engage in conversations where respect for one another is encouraged and it is safe to share input without fear of social or economic repercussions. – Anonymous, Arkansas

I commit to respecting the individuality of each human being reconfirming what my faith teaches me that each of us is made in God own image and liking. I commit to rise above my fears and challenge or take a stand when I see injustice to a fellow human being. – Rubin, Normanton

I commit to treating people as individuals of equal value, regardless of their status, race, sex or sexual orientation. – Andy McBride, Austin

I commit to having open discussions with my team to understand racial bias and personal experiences so we can understand what discrimination and racial bias exists in our workplace.  Knowledge is power, and we will seek to empower our associates to change our workplace into a fair and equitable place to work. – Steve C, Austin

I commit to support the experiences of other people and engage in tough conversations about race and injustice.  I commit to a better understanding that it is not the same in this country for a black person as it is for a white person. – Nathan Thomas, Conway

I commit to being a true ally to those experiencing racial and social injustice and using my actions and my voice to speak up on their behalf. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to engaging in frank conversations regarding racism and social injustices that African Americans deal with on a day to day basis along with, the often long term, mental health issues that follow these injustices. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to educating myself more with regards to learning about black history internationally. I commit to listening, even when the conversations may be uncomfortable, so that I can truly hear what black people and other people of colour are feeling and experiencing. I commit to stepping up in my day to day life, so that my actions and conversations represent me as an Ally. – Kim G, London

I commit to being vulnerable – open to sharing my experience as a person of color. With the hope this will provide insight and open channels of communication necessary to discuss serious issues such as political views and social unrest facing us today. – M.L.K., Austin

I commit to being an ally, to stand for supporting the rights of marginalized communities. I will take action on that commitment by listening to my friends, acquaintances, and co-workers who are members of marginalized groups; educating myself on the challenges they face; speaking up when I hear or see bias; and to vote for issues and candidates that support platforms of change and inclusion. – Melissa Britt, Conway

I commit to:  Praying daily for change and that people would seek God to change our hearts so that we can see those around us through God’s eyes, beautiful, wonderfully made, special, and loved, regardless of nationality, race, or color. – Kirk Glenn, Conway 

I commit to not allow racist actions or comments in my work life or personal life.  I commit to promoting equal rights and inclusion for ALL individuals. – Melissa M, Charlotte

I commit to speaking up when I witness racial bias and social injustice. – Susan B

I commit to raising my voice when I feel I am being treated differently due to the colour of my skin. I refuse to be immune to it anymore. – EB, London

I commit to acknowledging my white privilege and learn from those black leaders around me on how I can be a true ally. I am commit to buy my makeup productions from companies who support every shade of color…not simple ivory, pale, and tan. – MC Gerling, Conway

I commit to being an ally in the fight against racism by acknowledging my ignorance and implicit biases. I commit to being educated and working to end systemic racism. – Steve Lewis, Conway

I commit to not being silent when I see or hear racial bias I commit to making our company even more inclusive through hiring and mentoring.  Mark H, Austin

I commit to actively seeking opportunities to further educate myself on the systemic racism that exists in our country, through webinars, books, documentaries, and listening to friends and colleagues of color. I commit to donating to organizations that help the Black community. – Sherry H, Conway

I commit to continuing to educate myself on racial in equality.  I also commit to supporting our black brothers and sisters so their voices can be heard. – Anonymous

I am making my voice heard by participating in peaceful protest in my city.  I have also donated funds to the BLM movement. Lastly,  encouraging people to register and VOTE. – Shontavia Hornsby, Austin

I commit to never staying silent when others around me display behaviors which are evidence of racial bias. – Ken Fortenberry, Conway

I commit to stand against racism where I see it, to ensure that whenever I see someone impacted by racism and I can make a difference – I will do so, be that in my work or in my personal life.  I will also continually question my own decisions and behaviors to sense check that I am always upholding to the anti-racist values that I believe in. – M, London

I commit to engaging in conversations; expanding my knowledge, asking difficult questions and no longer “turning and looking away”. – KP

I commit to continued self-education on the systemic racism in this country and to work toward recognizing my unconscious biases and determine to become involved where possible and appropriate in the lives of the black people in my life to understand they’re daily struggles and weed out my own naivete and ignorance in relating to my black brothers and sisters.   I commit to try and bring awareness to the white people in my purview where appropriate and consistent with my level of understanding about the struggle of black Americans and the racism infecting so much of American society and system.  I don’t want to just be a friendly bystander in this struggle (as I have been up until only a few weeks ago to my shame) but to be an effective ally and have at least some influence in moving the needle towards an inclusive and free American for ALL people regardless of the color of their skin.  – Stephen Evans, Conway

I commit to testify by my words and actions that we are all members of one human family; that we were all created from the same dust so that no one can exalt themselves over another;  that we are all the fruit of one tree, the leaves of one branch, and the flowers of one garden.  I further testify that true justice for all is the path that will lead to the peace and prosperity of humanity. – James True, Conway

I commit to fostering an inclusive and equal working culture for all associates, ensuring hiring practices and career development opportunities are free from discrimination at all levels. – Mike Notley, London

I will further my understanding of racism, social injustice and their impacts to individuals.  I will do this by initiating conversations about the topic with fellow associates, and reading relevant material. – Rod M

I commit that my family privately and publicly displays that all lives matter. – Anonymous, Conway

I commit to not being silent when I see an act of racism or discrimination. – Anonymous

I commit to providing a fair and equitable working environment for associates in my team and in the recruitment process. As a leader I want to educate myself by understanding more about racial issues so we can be more empathetic and demonstrate empathy and support for our black and brown colleagues. I also commit to joining forthcoming allyship sessions. – Jo Robson, London

I commit to actively listen and learn from my friends and colleagues who face constant violations of their basic human rights. I commit to self-reflection in my daily interactions to analyze my own unintentional biased behavior as I learn how to support and stand with my friends, family, and colleagues facing discrimination. – Anna, Conway

I commit to combat racial and social injustice by volunteering with a local community organization that works to provide economic and social justice of all people and to eliminate racial inequality and discrimination. – Kidada S, Conway

I commit to combatting racism and social injustice in several ways.  I will model empathetic and inclusive behavior in all activities within the company so that my peers, team members, and leaders consistently see me showing kindness, dignity, and respect to every person with whom I interact.  I will also commit my time and money to support internal and external organizations committed to fighting racism and social injustice, wherever it presents itself. – Charlie Barnes, Austin

I commit to love one another. – Anonymous, Conway 

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