DATAVERSITY: The F-Word That Really Matters

the f word that really matters

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Technology has become engrained in our everyday lives, and with this, there is much to gain, but also something significant that has been lost—our privacy. Have allowed our data to be mismanaged by the very corporations we entrusted with our personal identifiable information. With every data breech, we grow more desensitized, and more vulnerable.

But we are done turning a blind eye—it’s time look at data collection through a more critical lense. People accept that data collection is a part of technology in this day and age, but what they really want is complete and total transparency around what is being collected, and how it’s being used. The relationship we have with data fairness must be mutually beneficial, and one in which we are receiving equal benefits for the sacrifice of our PII.

Ethical companies need to make three significant shifts in order to establish fairness. Learn more about the three requirements in article by Sheila Colclasure, Global Chief Digital Responsibility and Public Policy Officer, Kinesso, here.

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