DATAVERSITY: The F-Word That Really Matters

the f word that really matters

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In honor of data privacy day – I would like to talk about the F-word that really matters, Fairness. In a world of tech certainty and data infinity, getting the value exchange right between people and brands that collect and use people’s data depends on the F-word that really matters.
Fairness is the interstitial tissue of society, community, and commerce. We learn this value as children and carry it with us our whole lives. We expect fairness and notice when things are not fair. This value is especially important in the modern age, where technology has become integrated into our everyday lives.

As data has become vast and digital, governing it has become increasingly complex, and nuanced. Data is both key to a company’s ability to compete, and burdened with concerns about unfairness, and loss of privacy. Ensuring that data use is fair, in ways that a person would agree is fair, takes intention, commitment, process, and ongoing governance.
It’s time to look at data collection through a people-first lense. To get the balance right, to ensure we operate our businesses in ways that use data fairly.

Ethical companies need to make three significant shifts in order to establish fairness. Learn more about the three requirements in article by Sheila Colclasure, Global Chief Digital Responsibility and Public Policy Officer, Kinesso, here.

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